Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Christmas Time Continues Some More

Back to the Studio today to continue work on this year's holiday card.  I looked over the drawing I had done last night and decided the concept was good.  Just adjusted a few details, then got out some cutting tools and got to work.  Working at my regular table, cutting progressed quickly, the whole block cut in about 1.5 hours.  I had thought about going ahead and pulling a few proofs right then, and went so far as to cut a few pieces of bristol board (the type of paper I'll be using to make the cards) to the right size.

Unfortunately, none of the bags I had with me seemed to contain an ink knife, which is essentially a putty knife, used to extract printing ink from cans.  Must have them in some other bag(s), a problem that can happen when you work and teach in multiple locations.  So that will have to wait until tomorrow.  Probably just as well, as I had three more tasks in different locations I had to take care of before 5 pm and time was running short.


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