Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Christmas Time Continues

A lot going on in my world right now, and little of it to do with making new art.  However, over the past few weeks I have been able to cross a lot of things of my list of things to do.  The next big thing is everything to do with Christmas.  Right now it's all incomplete.  One thing I did today was get some more work done on this year's Holiday card.

Last time I mentioned this I had created the block, then had to set it aside while I dealt with some other pressing matters, some with deadlines coming sooner than December 25th.  But I had a little time I could spare today and took my block back up to the Studio.  And before then I had even finally selected a subject and idea, so I had a plan for today.  Unfortunately I had forgotten a book with the source artwork.  Luckily I found an image of the piece in one of the books in the pile Molly has in the hallway outside our space.  I started by laying out the plan for the block, shown above.  And since it is my custom to keep the card under wraps until Christmas, that's all I'll be showing here for several days.  However I did sketch it all out on paper while I was there, and later at home, sketched it in pencil on the woodblock, so it will be ready for me to start cutting next time I get there.  Luckily I already have ink, paper, tools, and watercolors.  Time is the one tricky thing right now, but I think I'm on track to have a prototype ready to show here on Christmas Day.  As for when copies get out to people on my list, lets hope before January.


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