Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Still Christmas Around Here

I reached my goal of having a prototype of my card done in time for Christmas, which I was able to photograph for this blog, and even had one to give out.  However, I still owe cards to several more people, so that meant going back into production again.

Several days ago I attempted to print 7 copies of the new card, all on the type of paper I typically use for the cards, but only two of those worked out.  With the rest, the stiff paper shifted, the ink smeared, and other things that made the results unusable.  Afterwards, I thought about how I could solve that problem.  I came up with a new idea- print the block on thin Japanese paper, color them, then mount the images on to card stock.  Printing would definitely be easier, we'll see how the rest works out.

I had remnants of two sheets of Okawara student grade paper, big enough to be divided into 8 small pieces large enough to print the block.  I brought those to the Studio, cut them down to size, got out the ink, and went to work.

Not surprisingly, the printing went very easy.  I completed the printing of the above 8 prints in less than half an hour.  Eight card covers, with no smears, torn holes, or other problems.  After cleaning up I brought them home with me to dry for a few days before I begin the next step.  I used this same paper to print my boardwalk prints, so I know that if I am careful, I can color it.  I need to think about my mounting strategy, but that is still days away.  But not too far, as I hope to send out some more early in the new year.


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