Monday, January 01, 2018

Business Goes On

Some super cold air has come to this part of the world, and we won't see temperatures above freezing for this week.  In fact, we'll be lucky to get above zero some days.  Luckily I got the heat fixed in my apartment a few weeks back when it was only slightly cool, so I am comfortable whenever I am home, and I've had to devote hours every day this week to working on my fall semester grades.  But those are done now, so I can go back to being an artist tomorrow.

Weather like this is murder on car batteries, so I do like to take it for a ride every day, and this afternoon that was a run up to the Studio.   Normally by the first of the month I owe my share of the Studio rent, but as I wrote last night, I had no idea if Molly had gotten around to renewing our lease for 2018.  I wasn't expecting to find much there today (being a holiday, the building may have been locked up), but I had to take a ride anyway.  The engine was very slow to turn over, but it did start so all was well.  I got up to the building and was surprised to see the gates open and some cars in the lot, so I went inside briefly.  Not many people were around, and no one who knew anything.  Our lease renewal form was in our space where I last saw it.  So I went home to continue my grade labors.  Plus we have the seasonal Twilight Zone marathon going on this week.  In the early evening I reached Molly by phone (this is good staying home weather) and she claims that everything's all set for the year, continuing at the same rate as last year, so I told her I'd try to get my check up there within a few days.

Meanwhile, I persevered and got my grades calculated and submitted this evening, plus confirmation that they were received.  So maybe tomorrow I can finally finish up my cards and start getting those out, and soon finish that mermaid and get that to where it's going, and start thinking about the next prints.


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