Friday, January 12, 2018

The Next Show

I had not gotten around to finishing the framing of my piece for the Salon show in Belmar, but today was the intake day, so I had to deal with it.  Not particularly difficult.  Measuring the frame right there in the Studio, I found it to be 11" square, so I had cut a piece of mat board that size and put my window in the center.  Brought the mat, the frame, and the print home and set them aside until this morning.  Opened up the framed piece I was taking apart (a Birds and Seeds print) and found the print was mounted to a backing mat, which was further backed with a piece of foam core, so I was able to remove the print still attached to the rear mat, and still had the foam core and the glass remaining.  My new window mat fit the frame perfectly- no additional trims needed.  I made linen tape hinges to attach the print to the window mat, put it all together behind the glass in the frame, and it looked just fine.  Job done.

I drove over to Belmar in the afternoon.  Light off and on rain, but I had packed my piece to protect it.  Only a few people present, including Denise Van Dyke, the show coordinator.  I know her originally as one of my Belmar print students from years ago, so once we had settled the new business, I told her a little bit about the plans for the fall print show in Belmar and to look for announcements.  She then had some ink questions, as she had bought a few cans of Daniel Smith relief ink just before they ceased manufacture of it, and is down to her last can.  I gave her a few tips. It looks like this show got a good response and should fill both front and back galleries very nicely.

The show opens this coming Wednesday, and the reception and Salon will take pace a week from tomorrow.  I told her I plan to be there and participate in the discussion.


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