Saturday, January 06, 2018

Time To Finish This

The record setting cold weather continues around here, so it's no time to go for long hikes in the country.  Got indoor things to do as well, so today I decided to finish the 2nd batch of Christmas cards.  The last bunch of tasks was to make the cards and color them.

Following the same procedure as the experimental batch from last week.  Had 6 more printed copies on the Japanese paper, so glued those to small pieces of bristol yesterday, and left them to dry overnight.

With those safely dry, I started coloring them this morning.  (had all my watercolor stuff at home still,  so I didn't have to venture out into the below zero temperatures) Did it assembly line style- one color at a time for the whole set, then on to the next color.  Got all 6 done in about an hour and a half.

Tomorrow is still expected to be brutally cold, so probably a good day to finish the job- fold, trim, and then write them out.  Three of these cards are already accounted for, while the rest are available if someone deserves one.  I can put those three out in Monday's mail.


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