Wednesday, February 28, 2018

East Meets West part 2

Figure it's time for an update regarding the print show I have a role in organizing.  Mary continues to work hard on all fronts on behalf of the show, and one of my tasks is to keep her from getting too excited and making the show too big.  She's been seeking sponsors, as we had been told months ago that our NJ gallery would expect some money in exchange for the show, which could come from the participants or an outside source.  Rather than make it all from the artists, Mary has been looking for outside money and opportunities.  Got one good sized grant last year, and she's also trying to arrange things with suppliers.  One offer from a western print supplier may be almost too big, so a bunch of us have pushed her to rein that one in a bit.  Today she mentioned another one, a possible demo involving two big time art suppliers and right here in our local space- sounds promising.

One way I plan to help is to set up some woodcut classes there at Belmar, something I have done several times over the years.  Since most of our members (and most artists for that matter) have no printmaking experience, it was always assumed I'd offer a few sections of my woodcut class, so those who might want to participate can learn the medium enough to actually make something.  And this is needed, as there aren't a lot of places around where you can actually learn about printmaking or how to do it.  So today I stopped by Belmar and tentatively scheduled a 4 week class for the spring.  I may also try to set up one for the summer.  As always, these are dependent on people signing up for the classes, but I've been talking up the possibility for months, and once I have it all set, I'll put the details up here.


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