Sunday, March 18, 2018

2018 Tournament of Art part 2

All of the relevant games for my tournament are complete for this week.  The NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament started with 68 teams, and is now down to 16.  There won't be many people out there who accurately predicted those 16, lots of wild finishes and upsets have made a mess of my bracket, and I expect I'm not unique.  But there was some good news, too.

I need to produce a new curriculum vitae soon, so I devoted time today to digging up information from the past several years.  The last one I did was about 5 years ago.  I haven't put it all down in one place lately, but at least I have the information here and there.  For example, this blog has more than an decade's worth of my artistic history.  It would take a long time to read all of it, so I have been relying on memory and using the blog to verify things I remember.  Today I was looking up something way back, ran across one of my old Tournament of Art pieces, and it mentioned that I had a link to the main University of Texas, not just the branch in Arlington that I know well.  Just a few days ago I wrote that I had never had art there, but could I have forgotten?  Thinking about it more, I vaguely remembered a group show, something organized by someone else.  I looked at my comprehensive exhibition list, and found it- University of Texas at Austin, 2001, a showing of the Culture Rot group folio.  Predates this blog by several years.  I guess that's how it slipped my mind.  What that means is I actually had 3 teams in this year's Tournament of Art.  So that was some good news.

As for my original two teams, so far so good.  The #1 seeded Villanova players easily won their first two rounds, and joined the sweet 16.  And Syracuse has won three games, a play in game to get the #11 seed, and then upsetting a #6 and a #3, and now is also in the sweet 16.  Meanwhile, Texas lost their first round game before I realized they were part of my tournament.  So schools that have shown my art won 5 of their first 6 games last week.  If there was some kind of evidence that showing my art can lead to sports success I would share it with many schools, maybe get some more shows as a result.  Meanwhile I have to get ready for three days with no basketball games, which can be a weird feeling after the excitement of the past four days.  And on the down side, one whole side of my bracket is done, completely wiped out, no more games left I can win there.  The other side, including my predicted champion, is still intact, so I have things to root for.


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