Sunday, March 25, 2018

2018 Tournament of Art part 3

Two weekends are done now, and the field of 68 teams has been cut down to 4.   Results are about what I expected.

I entered this round with two of my teams still active.  Syracuse had won its play-in game to get the #11 seed, then won its way to the sweet 16.  This weekend they got to go up against Duke and it was the end of the road for them.  Meanwhile, Villanova won games over West Virginia and Texas Tech, and earlier today claimed a spot in the Final Four, which one might expect from a #1 seed in their region.  The above mentioned results match up with my predictions for the bracket, so I can't complain about them.  The rest of my bracket was not so good.  My Midwest region (which is where Syracuse was placed) was pretty good- only two games wrong out of the 15 that cut the teams to one. And that one, region representative Kansas, was one I picked.

One of the big surprises right now is that Loyola- Chicago, which won two early round games on last second shots, had some decisive victories this week to get a Final Four slot of their own.  Which means that the automatic bid from the Missouri Valley Conference (which one of my alma maters is a part of) has as many teams in the Final Four as the Big East, and more than the ACC.  That's sure to upset a lot of people, but I'll take some pride in that.  Meanwhile I still have Villanova active and can pick up a few more games in my art school competition.  More on that in about a week.


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