Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Preparing for JAS 14

Despite today's snowstorm (our first since a few days ago), the calendar says we are approaching spring, and this is the time of year for the annual Juried show at the Belmar Arts Council.  I joined the  BAC when I entered the 2nd Annual Exhibition, which was the only show they had back then.  This year's will be the 14th Annual Exhibition, and I've been in all of them since that first one I was in.  Having a large supply of finished work in frames (or the proper size to fit frames I have) makes that easier.  On the other hand, I prefer showing newer things.  The entry deadline was today, luckily all done over the internet these days, as going out in today's weather would have been tricky.  I submitted two pieces, both connected to my youngest niece.  One was the mermaid collage piece I completed in the Studio yesterday

and the other is a print I made last year, but was not accepted into the Bird themed show, a print about St Georgia

which is in a frame right now, from when I brought it to a critique group last summer.  It is also the piece I brought to last month's critique at Mary's house, where those present seemed to like it.

No predicting what will happen with a juried show.  I've had pieces rejected one year, and with a different juror the following year, win a prize.  And while the juror and I are both adjunct members of the same college faculty, I don't think we've ever met (life as an adjunct) and I've never shown anything like these pieces at that school, so she has no way of knowing who submitted them is she did know me.  But I got them submitted ahead of the deadline, so I'll have to wait and see what happens.  I'll post the results here when I know them.


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