Monday, March 19, 2018

St Joseph's Day

Here at Studio Arrabbiata we always do something to acknowledge and celebrate St Joseph's Day.  March 19th is the Feast Day of St Joseph, husband of Mary, who raised Jesus as his own son, and I assume served as a significant male role model.  Carpenter by trade, thus the patron saint of everyone who works with wood.  Also the patron of many other professions and people, including the nation of Italy and (somehow) bakers of dessert items. More on that last item later.

Spent the day working on school stuff mostly, but here at the Studio we celebrate things Italian and among our people we do have some traditions.  I know of no specifics for meals, but I always choose a pasta dish, which is my meal choice more days than not.  In today's case it was cheese ravioli (frozen type, as I don't have the time to make them from scratch, or a staff to clean up after me like all the tv chefs do) and a quickie tomato sauce from canned tomatoes, olive oil, spices.  The dessert is specific for this day, a filled pastry.  Most common is to start with a large zeppole, though a sfinge is also acceptable, and stuff it with cannoli cream, or sometimes whipped cream or custard.  Often a cherry or candied fruit is added.  You see one above, just to the right of my plate of ravioli.  The chocolate chips are not required, but I wouldn't turn them down.

Happy St Joseph's Day Everybody!


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