Tuesday, April 03, 2018

2018 Tournament of Art part 4

Last night was the Championship Game, the conclusion of the annual NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.  Which means it was also the conclusion of my annual Art tournament.  Result was about what I expected.

When I filled out my bracket a few weeks ago, going game by game until I reached the end, I found that I had selected Villanova to be this year's basketball champion.  I'm guessing many people agreed with me.  They were ranked #1 for most of the season, no worse than #3 the rest of the time, and were at the top of their conference most of the year.  Had a few students left from their national championship team of a few years ago.  Their conference (The Big East) is a dominant one in this area, so I had seen a few televised games this season, and I knew what they were capable of doing in a game.   Thus I still had one of my art teams in the final game.

And it played out.  A lot of 20 point wins in recent weeks, and most of those against big midwestern schools, so I'm guessing they were not intimidated by last night's opponent, Michigan. It was a fairly intense game, close early on, but in the 2nd half, Villanova took the lead for good, and gradually expanded it, getting to that 20 point margin with a few minutes left.  Is it because they were smart enough to host a group show that included a few pieces of my art back in 1997?  Probably not, but if more schools thought so, I'd likely have more shows. The news today showed that the Philadelphia reacted much the same way that they did following this year's Super Bowl, making me glad I live at the Jersey Shore instead.


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