Tuesday, April 24, 2018

East Meets West part 3

Got a call from the Belmar Arts Council today with some news that I already knew, but I guess now everyone knows.  Last year various trustees and other people who run the BAC had asked me about the possibility of doing a printmaking theme show there.  Maybe it was because of my successful woodcut class there last summer.  I had expressed doubts, as there just aren't that many people doing printmaking, especially in this area.  But then one of my former Belmar print students approached me with something she had cooked up with an old friend she had reconnected with at a college reunion.  Part of that new connection was that both were doing a lot of printmaking, and my student had even been invited to go out west to Portland and hand pull some very large woodcuts.  (my class is very old school)  Their idea was a print show pairing traditional printmakers from the east and west coasts.
Where could they show such a thing?

So I suggested Belmar, and I got a good response to the concept, and had Mary put together a proposal.  More good response, so it moved forward.  She got a date for the show and I started helping her navigate the policies and rules for such things. Then the trouble began.  Big turnover of authority there in Belmar, and the new faces either lacked an interest or experience.  Feet were dragged for weeks.  Policies and rules were piled on.  Two coasts worth of organizers were not satisfied.  Mary asked me if it would be okay if she sought another location for the show.  Told her it was her show and she didn't need my permission.  She started looking for other options and about 2 weeks ago she informed Belmar of her desire to pull the show out of there.  She took a meeting with a new location, but I'm not going to say more about that until it is official.  But now BelmarArts has told me that they discussed her request to end the show and have agreed to go ahead with that, including giving back a donation for that show that she had secured.

What remains now is for them to decide what they want to do with the exhibition slot.  Another print show?  Something completely different?  I'm not going to worry about it until they ask me about it.


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