Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Studio Business

A few days ago I learned that this Sunday they will be celebrating the birthday of my niece Georgia, the one I did the mermaid for a while back.  Even before I made the mermaid, I had done the traditional thing I had made for her siblings. a saint print of a saint he shares her name with.  I made a prototype, but hadn't gotten around to making a copy to hang along side the previous ones, mostly because I couldn't find the block, completed last summer.

I thought the print successful, and it received many compliments when people had seen it, and I figured when I started gathering things for the new print class, I would finally find the block.  And I did.  Had a lot of other things to deal with over the past few weeks, and still do, but I had time for a Studio visit today and went there this morning to take care of business.

Nothing like rolling out some ink and getting to work.  I had a can of black ink in progress, and one new one, but wanted to save the latter in case I needed it tonight.   The older can was mostly dried up, but I was able to extract enough ink to pull a proof. Below are the results.

Proved to be tricky, between the bits of skin in the ink and lots of stray marks from the block.  Not a great proof in itself, and if just the black and white probably not usable, but the watercolor may be enough to save it.  Had to use a lot of masking tape to cover the stray marks, so after it dries, I may attack the block with woodcut tools and cut away some of that offending wood.  Meanwhile, I left the print to dry at the Studio.


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