Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Return of Woodcut Workshop

My latest Belmar woodcut workshop started tonight.  (the above photo is from a class taught at a college a few years ago, but the activity and effect was about the same as tonight) I had gotten confirmation last week that the class was going to run, with my minimum of three paid students signed up.  I bought wood last week, and a good bit of today was spent gathering materials for my traditional first night.  I brought several exchange folios (what you see above), some examples of my own prints, books by favorite prints artists, plus tools, blocks, and other things to show them how we'll be working in the coming weeks.

Only two of the three registered students showed up, so perhaps I'll eventually hear from the missing guy.  One of those present said she had been interested in this class for a long time, but this was the first time that money and her schedule allowed her to take it.  Those present seemed to be impressed with what they saw and they walked out with nice clean birch blocks at the end of the class.  I encouraged them to come up with drawings before we meet again in 2 weeks, on paper if not on the wood itself.  It took me a good half hour to pack up all my stuff and clean the room, and another half hour to drive home and unload my car.

As I expected, in the process of gathering stuff to show the students tonight I uncovered my St Georgia woodblock, which I figured I last had to show last year's woodcut students.  So in the near future I can finally produce the final version of that for my niece.


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