Thursday, May 24, 2018

Return of the Woodcut Class

Following the successful conclusion of the early summer woodcut class, I decided to get going on the late summer edition.  So yesterday I stopped by the office, picked up the check for the previous one, and reserved dates for the next one.  I was asked to update the photo I had accompanying the write up last time.  Nothing wrong with that photo (showing me working on my 21st Century Employee print), but I was advised that this would let those within the organization know the print class was a going concern, not to be removed from the website.  Between my role as the blogger for BelmarArts and my custom of documenting all my art activities, I had dozens, maybe hundreds of relevant photos that relate to the workshop, so not a problem.  Except the e-mail system was refusing to send my mail with the attached photos to the office.

But things were back to normal this morning, so I sent our administrator mail with 4 attached photos, one group scene from last summer

 and a few individual prints done in class over the years, and told her to choose what she liked.  Or if she didn't like them, I could come up with more options.

I guess she liked them, as when I went on earlier tonight all four photos were there, along with the new late summer dates.  Once again we will be on alternate Tuesday evenings, now in July and August.  (too many other things going on there to ever get the same day of the week in four consecutive weeks) The registration form is there as well, so people can start signing up right now if they want to.  Could work out- for the most recent class the stuff went up on the computer only about 2 weeks before the class was to begin, and it was only promoted one week before it started, and I still had 3 paid students.  Now I have almost 2 months.  The down side is that they won't send out press releases or e-mail blasts until we are much closer, but are counting on instructors and participants to put it out on social media sooner.

Thus this blog post.  The next round will be on Tuesday evening, 6:30 to 9:00, on July 17, 31, and August 14, 28.  For more information, go to the education section on the BelmarArts website, or just drop by the office whenever they are open.


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