Thursday, June 14, 2018

Promotion for Everybody

During the day I was at my parents' house, and looked through the issue of the Coast Star that arrived today.  One notable thing was a large article about my upcoming woodcut class in Belmar.  Last time I just was a mention in a whole list of Belmar activities.  The text was pretty much from my faculty page on the BelmarArts website, but I wrote that so it's all good stuff.  The article included an illustration, which ended up being one of the examples of student work from the class that I have on the workshop page this time around.  What was chosen was the side by side images of two proofs of Mary Lane's portrait of a woman playing a large instrument (cello or something of that nature), from 2012.

I had to come up with some images quickly, so went to my folder of workshop photos and chose 3 examples that I thought showed common approaches and possibilities that might spark some interest- Mary's very balanced black and white figure image, a color image made from multiple blocks carefully registered, and a complex image printed on a piece of scrapbooking paper  that also included images/patterns and colors, leading to a more elaborate composition.  I don't know who chose the image for this article- it could have been sent out by our office, or may have been downloaded by the newspaper to fill some space.  (both are common in newspaper publishing)  It's a good image, and the kind of thing that might cause a visual artist to want to try a woodcut.

The one negative is that I hadn't included art credits for me or Mary on the original page, so naturally there aren't any for us here either.  But if it gets people to sign up for the class, that's enough for me.


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