Friday, July 13, 2018

A Box of Treats

I made a pretty big order of print supplies just before the 4th, though with the holiday it took a few days for them to process it, but it went out and I received a delivery tracking number and information.     The estimated date for delivery was Thursday afternoon, and nothing in the tracking system indicated a change was expected. I have things delivered to my parents' house since they are more likely to be home than I am to receive it.  As it turned out, on Thursday afternoon they were home, but I went down anyway to make sure it would get into my hands.  I have no idea when the delivery day ends.  At 5 pm, nothing yet, but I was told they could go much later.  Still nothing at 6 pm, so since I had people there who could receive it, I decided to go home.  However, before I could pull out of my parking space, I saw a delivery truck rolling down the street.  Shut off the car, and met the guy at the front door, who handed me my box.

At home I had done a quick inspection to make sure it was all I expected, but to get a good view of all the contents, I brought it with me to the Studio this morning.  A lot of the stuff is for print classes going on this summer.  The stack of linoleum is for a class I'll be teaching in Brick next month, though I will use one piece to test the tools I have.  An inventory I had done of my class woodcut tools, combined with the knowledge that I had 6 people sign up for the class, made me decide to add 5 new ones to my class supply.  The can of ink is the standard oil based black I am using these days, and though I had some, I decided to get an additional can for the class supply.  The new thing was to try the company's new pigment paste inks, which are water based in the Japanese tradition, and these were said (in the catalog) to make use of traditional ukiyo-e era pigments and color mixes.  Potentially useful in my work, as well as something for interested student to try.  Got the three primaries, which should allow me to make pretty much any color I would want.


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