Wednesday, July 25, 2018

A Typical Afternoon

There are always some things to take care of.  I often try to group them by physical proximity, things that take place in the same general direction from home.

For instance, I went out this afternoon and drove north, first to my Studio.  A short trip, where I added to the coloring of the proof of the St Georgia print I have in progress.

Today I was putting color on all the birds, mixes of browns, grays, and blues mostly, typical of pigeons, the type of birds referenced in the story. These are pretty close to those in my prototype.  Final version?  Don't know yet.  Kept the visit short, as this is the time of year when it can get very uncomfortable down there.  Not too hot in the basement, but there is a dampness that forms, and coupled with the excessive humidity in our region this week, at times like a steam bath.  But I had something else to take care of anyway, so I got on my way.

Pointing south, and heading home, my next stop was in Belmar. I had arranged a meeting with Michelle, my absent student from the first meeting of my recent Belmar woodcut class.  I was a little concerned, because she missed that one because of the heavy rain the day, and when I woke this morning around 6 am, there was a huge rain falling. (heard it more than saw it, as I stayed in bed and went back to sleep)  Video on the news showed a lot of local flooding, which had subsided quickly, but more rain was expected through the day.  I saw no problems while out and about, and I got to the Boatworks several minutes before the planned 4 pm meeting.  Two trips to bring things inside the building.  I usually bring a lot of stuff to the first class, so this was a simplified version of that.

Left the big print collection at home.  Did bring an assortment of books with prints in them, showing some historic prints- block prints from the Modern, an assortment of Masereel, Ward, and even the bound version of my Fourth Of July project.  Cut her a piece of birch to her preferred size and orientation (grain horizontal), showed her the tools, looked at her sketch, gave her some advice.  That took about a half hour, and gave her a good start on the project.  A few drops falling as I left to go home, but no problem packing up and loading, and then I headed home.  Next week we'll see if all 7 students show up for class. If so, we move to the bigger room.


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