Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Fall Shows

Exhibitions never end for artists.

I currently have a piece hanging in Belmar, but that show comes down this weekend.  However, at least two more will be happening this month.

The first will be in Ocean Grove, at the Jersey Shore Arts Center, which is also the building where I have my Studio.  Which is why I have this show.  Our current director decided to put together a show of work from the building tenants, taking the place of another show that was delayed.  I always have work ready to go, and I was the first to actually bring in some things for the show.  And when I stopped by few days ago to see how things were coming, I was the only one to have anything hung on the wall, my three pieces filling one short wall.  Looked like this-

An impressive show, but without more people, few may show up.  Today several of the walls were filled, but not all, so I guess they have some work to do before the show opens this weekend.   Nothing is labeled yet, though in proper print tradition, my pieces all include title and signature.   Nichole (our director) was on her way out, but I did get a little more information.  Sunday is the first day of the show, which goes into November, but there is no official reception.  She will have the building open for several hours that day, for anyone who wants to come see it.  I will be there for some of it.

Today I officially let it be known at my university that I plan to be part of this year's faculty art show. When I first started there, the faculty show was only for full time professors and I made the mistake of asking if they ever had adjunct faculty show.  And I was put in charge of creating such a show.  Well, it did give me a chance to meet many of the other adjuncts, a large number back then.  The number of total faculty has shrunk considerably since then, full timers either retired, moved on, or died, many adjunct positions eliminated, so a few years ago the two groups were unified, since it would have been difficult to fill the gallery otherwise.  Today we were just asked to provide our intention to be part of it, and the type of work we would provide.  Size, number of pieces, those are decisions for the future, as would be the specific pieces.   The show opens toward the end of September, so when I know something I can tell you more.

Next week I have been invited to participate in a meeting for an upcoming show in the spring.  This is the East Meets West show of printmaking, still working out details of location and dates, but both organizers will be in New Jersey next week, taking a meeting with the potential location, and I expect to be a participant in that show.  I am not an organizer, but I have been sharing my experience with all involved and have tried to help it happen.  Again, when I know more, I will share it.


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