Thursday, September 13, 2018

Work Never Ends

So many busy days...

This morning I had a meeting with the director of the Jersey Shore Arts Center, and both East Coast and West Coast Mary.  The main topic was the plans for the East Meets West print show that my former student is organizing (East Coast).  Looks like we're on target for a February/March show.  Once all the details are worked out, I'll put it up here.

Answered a bunch of e-mails from students regarding materials for class, since I have some of those tomorrow.  While there I will deliver two potential works for the faculty show, so I spent some time wrapping them and loading them into my car for tomorrow's drive.  Again, more details to come.

In between, lawn mowing, as this was the first day in a while that it didn't rain.  Half done, stopping because I ran out of battery power.  Should be able to finish it on the weekend.

More school stuff tonight- updates to my museum assignment to reflect new emphasized goals of the school.  Printed it out, copies to be made tomorrow morning for distribution.


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