Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Lots of Errands

Lots to do every day, and today was no exception.  In the morning alone I had mowed the lawn, moved stuff to the basement (finding some things I had wanted in the process), and visited recycling. Art stuff started in the afternoon.

Got an e-mail a few days ago from someone at BelmarArts, saying that they were working on the new website and wanted to know if I had class information to put up.  Since there is no class yet, no, but maybe I should get one going.  So I talked to the office there, found some information, came up with a plan.

Next up to Ocean Grove to see if I had any mail.  My visitor to the Studio last week had asked in an e-mail about an address to send something to, and rather than give her my home address, I gave her the mailing address of the place she had been to already.  I dropped by the building today and sure enough I had some mail.  (we all have mailboxes there, but this was the first occasion I had a reason to expect something) What had been sent was a small woodcut print.

The image of a brayer had been a prize of a sort from an event at PCNJ, a place I haven't been for years but I know quite well.

I spent part of the evening writing e-mails to all these people, replying to things I had gotten from them over the past few days.  We are expecting a big rain tomorrow, which may make it a good day to deal with all this stuff some more.


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