Thursday, October 25, 2018

The Circus part 2

Took care of a few errands today, gradually working my way north.  For example, I stopped at the Boatworks to drop off the filled out form to register my woodcut class, a form I was e-mailed and found last night.  On the schedule for today was another meeting with Nichole at the studio building in connection with the upcoming print show.  This was something Mary was requesting, and so I set up the appointment while I was there yesterday, sent Mary an e-mail, then heard nothing.  Finally called her early this afternoon, at which time she apologized for not getting in touch with me sooner, but she's still sick and needed to postpone today's meeting.  When I got up there I informed Nichole, who was very understanding, discussed possibilities for a new meeting, and since I was there, went down to my Studio to get a little more work done.

And I mean a little more work.  I had left the wood there yesterday on my table.  The building faced route 35, and in it's last form, had the original round section and two wings that stuck out left and right.  There was parking all around the building, but the section for car service was the wing to the right, so I decided to make that the location of my piece.  The building was fairly symmetrical, which makes it easier for me.  I took photos of both sides, but the sun was always low and strong when I was trying to shoot the right, making everything extremely backlit.  This means I can draw directly from one of my left side photos, and the mirror image effect of relief printing means it will look like the right side- just have to reverse the lettering on the sign.  Didn't get too far on the block drawing, but important decisions were made.  The above image shows what I came up with today.


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