Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Woodcut Class Returns

Well, I hope.

A few weeks ago I noticed a class or group (whited out, hard to tell what had been there) was eliminated from the Belmar Arts Council schedule for late fall, and decided to try to get another one of mine going.  Had two over the summer, both getting enough to make enrollment, one was actually over the cap I had set, so I decided if there was any demand, I'd be happy to add one more.  Plus, other than needing to buy one more board, I have all the supplies I need to have the class.  Would have been happy to fill out the official form, but no one knew where they were.

Unfortunately, our new director was on vacation again, so nothing could be decided right away.  She was finally back last week, and her quick reaction was to say it shouldn't be a problem.  I was there on the weekend to shoot the opening for the blog, but she was off for the day.  And the college student office assistant is no longer working there- don't know exactly what happened with that.  But today I checked the BelmarArts website and the woodcut class is now up, complete with registration form.  Now all that has to happen is for potential students to discover that it exists and hope that some  people sign up for it.  First class is in two weeks.  Didn't want to go much later than that, as I like to not push things too close to Christmas.

The class will meet 4 times, not quite as spread out as we were for the early summer classes.  The dates are November 7, 14, 28, and December 5.  At the usual 6:30 - 9:00 pm time we have used the past few years.  I'll start spreading he word tomorrow, and hope that BelmarArts can arrange some publicity.


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