Tuesday, November 13, 2018

More Art Stuff

By this past weekend the forecasts for the coming week were predicting rain and/or snow for four of the five weekdays.  What will happen remains to be seen, but rain had started falling last night.  As both an artist who works with prints and a professor/teacher who works in 2D and printmaking, water can be a dangerous thing.  Water can have a very negative effect on things on paper.

Meanwhile I had a thing to deal with.  The Tenants art show at the Jersey Shore Arts Center was scheduled to end this past weekend, with some confusion as to whether it was ending on Saturday or Sunday.  But it would have to end, as Christmas decoration was already starting up and those walls had other plans.   Adding to the confusion, yesterday was Veteran's Day, so no one was in the office.  Life started up again today.

Tried phoning, but no one answered when I called, so I just decided to go up to Ocean Grove after lunch and figure it out then.  Last night's major rain storm ended up moving out to sea earlier than expected.  The sun never came out, so the day remained dark, but at least no rain was falling on everything, and one must take advantage of these opportunities when they happen.  In the office I found a newly hired building manager, who knew very little about the recent exhibition, and Nichole wasn't expected back until late afternoon, but he did know that they were in the process of installing wreaths and trees, which meant the art had to go, and he was more than happy to help take it down so I could get it out of there.  He also knew that Nichole had wanted to get Molly to come remove her wall installation, but they'll have to work that out with Molly themselves.  If it was still raining, I would have moved the framed art temporarily to my Studio, but it seemed safe to take it home, so as the building manager was taking the pieces down, I went out to my car and got some packaging materials.  Back inside, I thanked him for his help (saved me from having to climb the ladder), packed the work into various large plastic bags, and loaded them in my car.

Decided to take advantage of there not being a storm to take care of another errand that can't wait much longer.  This Friday my college classes are printing collagraphs, which means we need ink.  I probably have it, but the ink bag is big and messy, so best to organize it in my Studio space (I'll do that tomorrow), and get more ink today just in case.  (if I don't need it for this week, it will eventually get used) So I departed Ocean Grove, took route 33 to route 18, and made it up to Shrewsbury with no trouble, which is the home to only major art supply store in the region, at least he only one that carries any printmaking supplies. Got a jar of water based black ink suitable for relief, and headed home.  A couple of trips to unload the art into my apartment for now, then I could relax indoors the rest of the day.


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