Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The Circus part 4

Late November is here.  Now that I am past Thanksgiving and two family birthdays, now that I have gotten the heat fixed in my apartment, now that I have started work on arranging contact for work at a future location, on providing details to a planned spring art show, on setting up next year's health insurance, I can get back to the real important work- making art.  At least by day we are regularly getting above freezing, but not by that much, and the near constant wind (life at the Jersey Shore) takes 15 to 20 degrees off that all day.  Still, today seemed like a good day to get out of the house and work on some art stuff.

One early stop was BelmarArts, to check out the newest art shows (including several pieces by friend of the Studio Lisa Bagwell) and in the middle of our parking lot I spotted this ex-pigeon, seemingly a victim of this weather we've been dealing with in recent days.  Later I was told that it's been sitting there in the parking lot for 3 days, so I guess the cold has helped preserve it, though I'm not sure why nothing else has shown up to eat it.  Either way, I'm now really glad that I got my heat fixed last week.

I continued north to my Studio to get back to work on my latest block drawing.  After fixing the doorknob that I noticed was falling apart last week, I started making adjustments to my Circus piece. Not much new, but I have refined some details on the sign, and of the food items.  The more I look at this thing, the more I feel that the only way this is going to make sense as a depiction of the food is when the color is added.  Copied directly from a photo, the crab part looks more like an insect or an alien creature in the pencil drawing.  I'm hoping that some golden brown color on all the deep fried surfaces will make what it is clearer to the viewer.  Still a few other things to work out and then I can start cutting this thing.


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