Thursday, January 03, 2019

Art and Work Go On

Classes may have ended almost two weeks ago, but teaching college never really ends. Finished my fall class grades and submitted them (all on computer these days) a few days ago, but then late last night I received an e-mail from a student who was hoping to get a better grade.  (his assigned grade was well above average, but all college students believe they deserve an A, even when they don't)  So this morning, after I was up and dressed, I got out all my grading sheets from this past week, and verified all the numbers I had, plus checked the math.  Turned out I had gotten it right the first time, so I sent a reply, explaining the percentages and procedures used in grading, why he got what he got, and what he could have gotten.

Didn't get a chance to get off the computer, as tonight is the deadline to apply for the latest BelmarArts Salon style show, the LOL: Humor show.  I'll save the details of all that for another posting.  Stopped off in Belmar to pay the entry fee, then up to the Studio.

People working in the basement, but much of the building was empty, as everything seems closed down for the holiday season.  Just a short trip today. Not to work on the next major print, but to finish the coloring of my first batch of Christmas cards.  My goal is to get the rest of the completed cards out to those who are getting them, probably by this weekend.  And then there will be more prints to work on.


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