Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Art Continues in 2019

Here we are, another new year upon us.  More art to be made, since there always is.  One concept I always share with my woodcut students is that if a particular block doesn't work out as you expected, you can always start another one the next day and hope it will be better.

Today was a federal holiday, but I have too much to do to ever really take days off, and today was no exception.  This morning, just out of bed, I continued work on my class grades.  Basic calculating was all done by yesterday, but I like to double check all the numbers and mathematics before I submit them.  Did that in the afternoon.  Also looked over the rubrics of another part of the Student Learning Outcomes evaluations we have to get done, just trying to figure out how it can be applied to a studio art class.  I think I have a handle on it now, but I won't continue on that until tomorrow.

Of more immediate concern is the LOL Humor show in Belmar, with the application deadline in a few days.  As I mentioned before, I'm going with some old block, conceived and cut in the 90's, but as far as I know, never exhibited.  I remembered the whole series as three blocks, but I could only find two in storage.  That third one may have been a victim of Hurricane Sandy, as was so much other stuff I had stored in that basement, along with the one proof I know I had.  I assumed that I had documented the completed set at some point, and after a search of my apartment found a single slide showing the set.  With that I could see what colors I had chosen at one time, and today I stretched one  of the proofs on a drawing board, and started to match the colors.  Not a large piece, so I almost completed the coloring in one session.  Probably finish it and knock out the other one tomorrow, photograph both, and then choose which one I'll submit to the show.

What else is coming in 2019?  The East Meets West show will be starting in February, so I should try coloring the practice proof I have of my print for that show, and then make one suitable for the exhibition.  And I have been invited to participate in another faculty show, this one in the big gallery space on Long Beach Island, starting in April I believe.  Exhibitions are like woodcut blocks- after each one, there is always another one.


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