Thursday, January 10, 2019

Laughing in Belmar

Dropped by the Boatworks today to see and photograph some of the new LOL: Humor exhibition, as it's easier to get views of artworks when the place isn't full of people.  The web page for the show said it would open yesterday, but new posted hours for the winter have the building closed on Wednesdays.  I had something else to do yesterday anyway, thus my visit today.  As it turns out, the show may not even be completely installed yet, and one of the organizers may have disappeared again, as she has a history of doing.  My piece is up on display in the front room.

Meanwhile, our coordinator was trying to figure out our new website, which may not be working yet but she says is set to go up soon anyway.  My BelmarArts blog is its own site, not part of the BelmarArts website, and I'm happy to keep it that way.

The show opens on Saturday at 5pm, assuming we don't have weather issues.  Current forecasts have the snow arriving on Sunday, so maybe we will be okay.


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