Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The Circus part 8

No snow or ice today, just a lot of cold wind.  But that wouldn't stop me from getting up to the Studio to do a little work.

I had expected that I might use the time to sharpen my personal tools, and had brought my water stone container with me, and before going into the building, grabbed my sharpening stone and class tools (as possible back up) from the car.  I did begin the process of sharpening the tool I had used most in the last session, and a test showed improvement, but it looked like it would need more and I had a limit on my time today.  So I set that stuff aside and decided to work on a part of the block that my small gouge (with a sharp edge last time) could handle.

So what I ended up doing was some trim and stuff near the roof line.  Not a lot, but it needed to get done at some point, so why not today?


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