Monday, March 18, 2019

St Georgia Comes Back Again

Last month I was at my brother's house and he asked me when they would get their St Georgia print.  He hoped before her 2nd birthday.  I had done saint prints for each of his other two children, which I framed in some old Ecclesiastes frames, with new mats to fit both frame and print.  I completed a prototype for a St Georgia print (latest daughter) a long time ago, and finished making a copy for them last summer.  Just hadn't gotten around the framing it yet, as the school year gets very busy.  But with another birthday coming, maybe I should get to it.  A few weeks ago I picked up a frame at my parent's house, and located a suitable piece of mat board in my supples.  (it used to be easier to buy mat board years ago, but most of the places I typically got it have gone out of business or just stopped selling it)  So when my brother asked me about it again a few days ago, I was able to give him an answer- I believed I had materials and planned to deal with it after the weekend.  And that weekend has come and gone.

This afternoon I brought that older frame, my found piece of mat board, the St Georgia print that has been in my apartment for months, and got up to the Studio.  I store the mat cutting equipment and my home made machine there, and it has a suitable table.  I store the mat cutting machine behind my drying rack, so the first task was extricating it from that place, but after that it went smoothly.  First I cut a piece of mat board to fit the new frame, then a nice beveled window to fit the size of a saint print, not the same as the Ecclesiastes print that had been in there before.   It occurred to me that this frame might be about the right size for my new Circus print as well.  Deal with that after I finish the first one.

The rest of the process went as expected. Cut the window and set it aside.  Trimmed the print of the excess paper tape, signed it and mounted it, Then assembled the whole thing and framed it.  Job done.  Next time I go over to his house, he can have the 3rd saint print, which I believe is framed to match the first two.


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