Tuesday, March 05, 2019

The Circus part 11

Had two purposes in getting up to the Studio today.  First was to bring in some information- since I am showing the 50 state piece again, I figure it would be best to have my list of 50 state stories again.  In fact, Nichole had mentioned that she had it, but right now she's not sure where it is, and figured it could take a while to find.  Seemed to me that the better option was to bring in a printed copy I had and let her photocopy it.  She was in the office when I arrived, so that only took a moment.  Said she had a plastic sheet protector already, so I didn't have to leave her one.  The print is interesting on its own, but viewers seem to really like learning the stories, so it can go up again.

With that taken care of, time to make more art.  Continued the cutting on my Circus Drive-In print, the rest of the tray of food. Today that was the deep fried soft-shell crab on a bun, and a wedge of lemon next to it, plus the cardboard containers.  At the moment it doesn't look like much, almost more like a mix of aliens and spiders, but that's what crabs look like anyway.  As I have said before, color in the final print will be a key to making it look as it should. Still, even in this form, I was getting hungry just thinking about it.


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