Monday, March 18, 2019

The Circus part 15

Having finished my framing job, my second planned task at the Studio today was to check on my new print and maybe start coloring if it was dry enough.  I noticed that my Circus print was of similar size to the Ecclesiastes series and wondered if I could put those frames to the same use.  Turned out not exactly the same- same height, but slightly wider, so I couldn't use the window as I had it.  However, there was enough margin in the cut window mat that I could expand the window a little bit on each side and make it fit.  No immediate plan to exhibit this piece yet, but as long as I had all my mat cutting equipment out, and the final version of the print won't be changing dimensions, why not deal with this now?  So a little careful measuring, and placement of my bevel cutter, and I now had a slightly bigger window for when I am ready to show it.  No time soon as I still need to work out the colors and pull a better proof.

One of my plans for today was to start the coloring of the Circus proof I pulled the other day, and it was dry enough to do so.  Didn't get started as soon as I would have liked, but this time of year we have a bit more daylight, so I decided to start it before going home for the day.  And I decided to start with that soft-shell crab platter.  For now, used premixed colors I had, plus the photo I have of the actual food item itself.

About a half hour in and there is still a long way to go.  Not a surprise- I expected that capturing the richness of all this deep fried goodness will require a lot of layered watercolors.  Still, already it looks better, and what I have here will make even more sense when the colors of the sky and building are added to the print.


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