Monday, April 01, 2019

2019 NCAA Tournament of Art part 3

Two weeks down and my bracket is quite a mess. My art schools are now long gone. The whole center area, where all the games converge toward the championship, is nothing but red ink.  I had 3 of my picks make it to the Elite 8, but none of those made the Final Four, so basically I am done for this year's tournament.

So, how about that NIT?  Lot of teams that I know from conferences that I pay attention to, but only a few of my art schools made the field.  They are also at their Final Four right now.  Made no predictions, but I do have an art school there- Texas.  It is my policy to only include the main campus of the school in my art tournament, which is too bad because I have a lot more connections to the division found in Arlington- multiple exhibitions, and I spent a week there as a visiting artist.  However, I do have one credit to the main school, an exhibition there in 2001.  Since I don't have much else to report this time of year, perhaps next week I'll include the NIT in my update.


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