Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Kean University Faculty Show on LBI

Today is the official first day of the latest faculty show, so it seems an appropriate day to show the card.  Got several copies of it last time I had class. None of the images on the front are mine- full timers grabbed those. I am listed on the back, one of the 20 artists.  They spelled my name right, which I don't take for granted.  I've had solo shows where the galleries spelled my name wrong on the promotional stuff, which can make internet searches more of a challenge.

The list of artists may be the same one as our fall faculty show on campus, which is where I was first recruited for this one.  I can't compare it, as I don't have a list of that show's artists, and the school would never spring for a postcard for a faculty show on campus.  They won't even get us a plate of cheese and crackers for our reception.  The card back does include a website in small print, but when I checked it as recently as this afternoon, our show still isn't even listed on the site, so I don't see much point in sending you there.  If you want to see the show and need directions, you can get them there.

I will say that the exhibition is at the Long Beach Island Foundation of the Arts and Sciences, in Loveladies, which is near Harvey Cedars.  If you've ever been to LBI, you know those places aren't near anything else, which is why I don't expect to stop by before the closing reception on May 19th.


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