Tuesday, April 16, 2019

More Fire

Today was a very nice day weather-wise, so after some business at the Studio building, I took a walk east to the boardwalk to check out the results of this weekend's fire.  Comfortable mild temperature, no rain, good day for a walk.  Of course, once I got up to the boardwalk there was a lot more wind, generally in my face.  (at the shore, no matter what direction you are going, the wind is always in your face) The fencing and caution tape may be left over from the day of fire fighting, or it may be new, but either way I took it as a sign that we weren't supposed to get any closer to the action than that.

Right in the center is the remains of the Casino building.  When I first started coming around here there were windows at each end filling most of the space, with space for pedestrians to pass underneath, but the windows are all gone now.  Not from the fire- they've been gone for a while.  Don't know if they finally fell down, or if they were removed before they could fall down.  To the left can be seen the roof of the Carousel House, which also survived the fire.  To the right is a big pile of what is left of the building that burned down.  What will replace it remains to be seen.


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