Friday, April 19, 2019

Painting and Printmaking

I was off work today for the Good Friday holiday. Always a treat to get to sleep late and not drive up and down the parkway in rush hour traffic, and I'm sure my students weren't upset about it either.  But that didn't mean I didn't have to work.

For example, right now I am involved in organizing and scheduling woodcut classes at local places.  The building that has my Studio is looking to get into running art classes, and would like to make me teaching woodcut to be one of them.  They might even hire me to build them some suitable work tables for this purpose (and other classes).  The coordinator saw one of the tables from Molly's project a few years ago and was impressed with what I had done.  Then she stopped by my space and saw the tables I made for the Studio when we first moved in and was really impressed- simple, inexpensive to make, and very strong.  (I build things to last)  Whatever happens will be this summer.

Also this summer I am working on more classes for the BAC.  First step was getting a woodcut class on the schedule.  I knew from e-mails and the website that they had a lot going on in the spring, but nothing official yet for summer, so it made sense to grab some spots now.  So yesterday I went in and wrote things on the calendar and filled out the standard class agreement form.  Today I e-mailed a written description of the class to be posted on the website (the organization website was redone again this year and everything that had been on it was deleted) as well as some images that might be useful (old ones also deleted).  Luckily I have lots of stuff saved on my computer, so it was just a matter of finding it and sending it.  Dropped by later to make sure everything arrived.  The board has to approve everything so nothing is official yet, then people have to sign up, but I expect that to happen.  I've taught the class enough times that there is little special prep to be done.

But they also threw something else at me, at least the person running the office did.  This spring they have a Bob Ross inspired class that filled up quickly, and are thinking maybe they need more traditional art mediums.  I have no experience with that wet into wet technique and very little with landscape, but it sounds like they have that covered anyway.  But I certainly know still life and figure, and agreed to put together some ideas.  But can I teach painting?  Well, my first college degree and half my second degree were in painting, so I probably know more than any student I would likely have.   Although I have never taught a "painting" class,  have covered color theory in classes at all three colleges that I have taught at, including having them use paints in those projects.  I am familiar with techniques and materials in oils, acrylics, and watercolors.   Before I was asked to cover the 3D Design class at my university all my 3D experience was two foundations level classes in college, so I looked at at bunch of art, figured out what it was, and wrote up a syllabus.  Ended up teaching the class 7 times between two schools, with several of those students earning their degrees this past year, so I must have done something right.  When it came up yesterday I was asked about painting and drawing (have taught the latter a lot more already) but today I was told that painting may be the priority, maybe to cash in on this other class. But no idea yet if they want a one day thing, and ongoing class, or something in between. So I'll think about different possibilities, write up some options, attach some really good student color works, and send it in,  Maybe something will come of it.


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