Tuesday, April 09, 2019

The Circus part 20

Put in a few more hours on the coloring this afternoon.  Think I'm almost where I want it to be.

As with yesterday, I incorporated some of yesterday's color experiments on the first proof into this second version.  But to continue the color breakdown from yesterday....

The reflected car in the window was again a light gray, but I tinted it a little darker.  Used the same color on the left half of the roof support just to the right of the car.  A much lighter gray was used for the background of the rooftop sign, matching what can be seen in the photos I took before the building was demolished.  The deep red on the sign lettering, the architectural trim, and the right half of roof support to the right of the car reflection, is the one I used the first time- mostly alizarin crimson, though that  whole roof support on the right was given a wash of indigo to help it sit back in the shadows.  I also used a touch of indigo on the lower halves of the cloud banks, giving them a little more depth and especially helping the lower one separate from the white trim along the roof line, and the upper one sit back from the rooftop sign.  The architecture just behind that roof support was a deep wash of brown and then a wash of indigo.  A stronger wash of indigo was used to represent the headliner of the car, replacing the dark gray I had the first time, which was more of a match for my actual car, but felt kind of dull.  The colors used on the clowns on the rooftop sign are the same ones, but may be a bit clearer since I recut that area between proofs.

Comparing the two proofs, the value ranges seem to be about the same, but the colors are just a bit bolder in some cases, and I like the effect.  I'll come back to it in a few days, and if I come up with no further changes to be made, I'll declare it done and start thinking about the next piece.


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