Thursday, September 12, 2019

A New Show

A few day ago I got an e-mail from the BAC, inviting me to do a show.  Officially it is to help advertise my upcoming woodcut class next month.  Unofficially I think it's because they had no idea what to put in this space they have and there needs to be a show for next week. It could help to promote the next class (which as of today still has no students) and it would get a bunch of framed work out of my apartment for a month or so.  Wanted more information, but I said I might be interested.  The initial proposal mentioned possibly also including work from my students (part of class promotion) and I'd have no problem hanging next to them, but I know from experience that getting students to put things in a show, even a free show, is a struggle, and on short notice almost impossible.  Would have stopped by the Boatworks on Wednesday, but they are closed that day. It would have to be Thursday.   Meanwhile, more e-mails from the BAC, and where it seemed to end up was that they could offer me the back wall of the annex gallery, or what is now known as the Lounge.

So today I dropped by the place to see what's going on.  In the rear gallery I saw Linda, one of my former woodcut students, which led to a long discussion of deer and other things.  Eventually I made my way to the Lounge. Once upon a time this room used to be white, but in its Lounge identity, it's now got a deep red back wall.  As had been the case in the past, it still functions as a third gallery or an overflow space for other shows.  The current show in the space relates to the Ocean theme show in the two main galleries, a bunch of youth art with an ocean theme.

One thing I had forgotten (or maybe never noticed) was that two long strips of wood are attached to the wall, and in this case the youth art was attached to those.  Painted the same color as the wall, so I assume they are part of the wall.  I think I can do this.

Later back home I sent an e-mail to my contact, attaching images of 9 possible prints (4 or 5 sounds right to fit the space), and some descriptions of things.  No time to do more than that today, so I didn't even bother to check for a response. If everyone approves of what I sent today, I'll take care of the rest of this over the weekend. The show would open on Wednesday.  Since all the work I would have in it is already framed and ready to go, my part will be fairly easy.


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