Thursday, September 19, 2019

I'm Back

Been a rough few days, as the keyboard on my laptop was no longer fully functional.  Several common letters simultaneously stopped working, which made logging into my accounts impossible.  I found various ways to work around it, sometimes on borrowed devices, and other times just put things off a little while.  Like blogging.  But as of tonight I have a working keyboard again, and if it continues to work, I'll eventually catch up.  My big concern was school stuff, and classes are back tomorrow, so I have seemed to beat that deadline.  And a few hours ago I finally heard back from my computer consultant, and she confirmed that all the things I had done were the correct steps, so either I know more than I realize or I'm just incredibly lucky.

Unfortunately, school means getting up very early tomorrow, and getting to bed soon, so a lot of this will have to wait until tomorrow.  I expect I'll be very busy tomorrow night.


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