Wednesday, September 25, 2019

More Drawing Classes

Printmaking is the process I have officially studied and am known for, but probably most of the money I have earned for teaching is related to drawing.  It is a part of most Foundation classes, which is what I am generally assigned to teach at colleges.  Drawing has been part of the Intro class I currently have at my university.  At multiple colleges I have taught classes in drawing, figure drawing, 2D design.  This past summer I taught a bunch of local classes in drawing, and I have been asked to start doing so at another location this fall.  Last week I was leading an evening drawing group in Ocean Grove, and they want more.  Luckily I have also had multiple woodcut classes this summer, have one scheduled for next month, have some commissioned woodcut pieces, and received an e-mail with a printmaking question from a former student this week.  So I guess I am justified in thinking of myself as a print teacher, a more specialized skill with less competition.

But drawing was up front today as I met with Nichole up in Ocean Grove to discuss plans for future Wednesday evening drawing activities.  The first one (last week) was just a general situation and not promoted, an we just got one participant.  We are hoping for better from now on.  This series will start in late October, so there is time to promote these.  And each week will have a different theme, with plans for color choices, musical influences, etc.  Actually those ideas are related to things I have done teaching painting, but that can be a whole other topic.  Details can wait until we get a little closer, as it's still being worked out.


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