Monday, September 23, 2019

Supermarket Fireworks part 12

With the new show now up, and no immediate deadlines, I can get back to making some art.  So I went up to the Studio this morning, though I had some other goals as well.

For the past several days I have been toting around some things that I normally keep in the Studio.  On Wednesday, prior to the still life walk-in session, I decided to produce a stack of viewfinders, pieces of cereal box cardboard with windows cut in them, a useful tool for a still life.  Never got back down to the basement to return the ruler and scissors.  Also that day I had picked up my wooden desk chair, something I have had since I inherited it in Carbondale.  Been using it for an exercise in negative space drawing ever since, and since we were covering that in my Friday class, it's been in my car ever since.  So today was an opportunity to put all this stuff back.

I had seen Nichole's car in the parking lot, but her tag was not on the hook and the office door locked. Guess she was out.  Catch her later.

Once I had put things away I could settle down to work.  On my way there I had heard an early Beatles song on the radio, which put me in a mood to hear more, so I selected the earliest Beatle music I had in my collection there.  A home burned disc with two early albums- Beatles For Sale (1964) and Help (1965).  I think the last two albums they recorded that included cover songs; after that the songs they wrote were superior to anything already out there, as much as they loved American music.

No tools today, just drawing,  But I had noticed last time that the firework display box was crooked and that's a problem for a pencil.  Used my newly returned ruler to measure things, and sure enough the bottom of the box was a quarter inch narrower than the top.  May not sound like much, but try building something and being off by a quarter inch and you will notice.  Now I know why it had been more difficult to find room for the firework names lower down on the display box.  By the way, if you are not as adept at reading backwards block printing as my decades of woodcut have made me. the firework names are "Patriot Blast", "Super Color", G Force", "Atomic Glory", "Rocket Attack", and "Dynamax"- all names completely made up but also completely plausible.  Refined other parts of the display signs as well.

On the way out I stopped by the office but Nichole still wasn't there.  It can wait for another day.


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