Monday, September 30, 2019

Supermarket Fireworks part 13

Last night I had sent Nellie a long detailed e-mail on the topic of tool sharpening and some of the options (her request) and let her know I planned to be in the Studio today if she wanted to come by (she's local) and learn more.  As of this morning I hadn't heard back from her, but I had things to do at the Studio, so I was going in anyway.

First stop was the office to talk to Nichole.  Had hoped to talk to her on the weekend and drove up there, only to find the building packed.  Both front and back lots full. But my timing must have been good, a lot of people were coming and going, and I was able to grab a recently vacated space in the front.   A lot of clueless people wandering around (a music event), but no one from the building, so I got out of there quickly.  (good thing Nellie had managed to print her own) What I wanted to know about was the classes, specifically were there any before my first one in late October? (I have connections to a lot of art organizations, so everyone is always asking me about things)  No, they begin with mine.  I'll pass it on.  Ran into Bobby Duncan while I was there, asked about his recent opening there in our building.  Said it was a big success- huge crowds, a few concrete sales and many interests, but of course, wasn't able to eat. At their own receptions artists never get to partake in the food  they provide.

My main purpose in going in was to do more cutting on the new block.

I decided to start on the central piece in this print, the fireworks display box. also one of the more complex parts of the composition, so I never got past the front of the box. Hope to get back to it later this week.  Nellie never did come by, but I had plenty to keep me busy.  


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