Tuesday, October 15, 2019

No Gig Tonight

Last week I stopped by the Belmar Arts Council to check on the status of my latest woodcut class. With one week to go we had one person sign up, which is more than we got last time it was offered, but not enough.  However, with a week to go, and another e-mail blast planned, I was hopeful.

Stopped at the BAC today around noon, and the total sign ups was still at one person.  It was decided to pull the plug.  A lot of that was about fairness, so the person who had signed up could find out in time that there would be no class.  Great effort was made to get this class to happen.  It has been on the website for more than a month.  I was invited to display my woodcut prints in the side gallery, and information about the class was posted nearby.  It has been listed on art websites, in the local paper, talked up at functions. I was told that the woodcuts received many compliments and the approving visitors were reminded they could learn the technique in the class. Multiple people walked up to me and told me to my face that they couldn't wait to sign up for the class.  The price is competitive with all the other classes there in Belmar, and in the area, and all necessary materials are provided so students don't have to go on a search to find them.  But people still don't sign up.

The office sent the one registered student an e-mail about the cancellation, his refund to come shortly.  Unfortunately, I have no control over the website, and as of this afternoon the class was still being listed there.    I'd hate to have someone show up thinking maybe they could join the class and then finding an empty building.  So I decided I would be there at the class start time just in case anyone showed up.  A lot of people like waiting to the last minute to do things.

I was there about a half hour before, and the building was dark.  Hung around.  Just about our start time, a few people showed up, and the lights came on and the door opened.  Someone was inside so I went to check on what was going on.  It was Neal and the writers group, which sometimes has had simultaneous meetings with my class.  I let him know what was going on with my class and requested if anyone showed up looking to cut wood, to let them know what was going on.  With that settled, I felt it was safe to go home.


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