Monday, October 07, 2019

Supermarket Fireworks part 15

Another Monday- time to get back to work. Arrived at the building in late morning, started my day with a visit to Nichole's office.  Just a little information exchange.  There has definitely been more promotion this time- a Facebook meet up group, information distributed at an event this past weekend. Because this is a walk in art event(s) we have no advance sign ups, but several people have acknowledged the computer invite and expressed an interest.  I guess we will find out the results at our first class meeting.

Then I went downstairs to do a bit of work.   Put on some Pixies burned from vinyl.  On one disc I have the entire Doolittle album, which turned out to be the last new release vinyl LP I purchased at a mall record store.  Within a few years, all the big music chains would be gone, from malls and the stand alone stores, a victim of the changing tastes of people younger than me.  Most mall bookstores are gone now, too, eliminating the two best reasons to visit a mall.  Anyway, this disc I made also includes a 7 song live vinyl record, a radio only release that I found at the college station I was working at the time that the Pixies album came out (and borrowed long enough to make tape copies), and a 4 song vinyl EP I got at a local record store in Nutley that used to give the station free records as part of an underwriting deal.  (suddenly became a hair salon, but still had a large box of old inventory and I picked up the first album from Southern Culture on the Skids that way)  I had put the three records on disc back when I could still record discs. That disc is on a shelf at home, and what I have in the Studio is a copy of that one.  Probably for the best, as the disc looks like it has been chewed on by Molly. Some of the songs no longer play.  The band is symbolic of its era, the late 80's and early 90's when the original releases came out, which was followed by decades of solo work, then a re-formed band, which has since changed line ups (internal fights), but now have a new album out.  Most fans prefer the old stuff, which was a mix of early alternative rock, punk, surf music, with lyrics that address science fiction and biblical stories (this disc includes songs about David and Bathsheba, Samson) and fine art.  Good to listen to while in an art studio.

Remembered my camera this time, so you get to see where I am at now.  Last time I had finished the display box with the "fireworks", and today I started working outward from there- the two sneaky smokers, the rockets shooting out of the top of the box, some folding chairs behind them.  A lot more to go, but I have no immediate deadline, so I can take my time.  So far I like the results.


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