Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Supermarket Fireworks part 19

The plan for today was to work on that left side of the block, including the bakery section. Looked at my music shelf and nothing leapt out to me as being appropriate music of cutting out a bakery.  So I went with high energy rock and roll- a compilation of songs from the Ramones called Ramones Mania.  Don't know if it can be called a greatest hits collection because I don't know if they ever had any hits, they barely cracked the top 100.  However, if you listen to rock radio, you know many of the songs.  The story is that the four young men from Queens showed up at the legendary CBGB club, all dressed in leather jackets, t-shirts, torn jeans, and sneakers with long shaggy hair, carrying instruments, and the club owner didn't know if they were a band or a group of hoodlums who had robbed a band and were looking to sell their instruments.  After the audition he still wasn't sure, but booked them anyway.  The band members all disliked the current state of 70's popular music and preferred the simple rock and roll they grew up listening to.  The problem was even that was too complicated for them to learn, so they developed their own style- short songs, played super loud and fast, maybe one chord, lots of references to the seedier aspects of New York in the 70's.  And thus punk rock was born.  And following that pace, I could get a lot done.

As part of my research, I had looked at the bakery section of my local supermarket, seeing what kind of stuff was for sale, and of course the sparkler cake was something we actually put together and tried at a critique group, but my guide for much of it was the paintings of Wayne Thiebaud.  One different thing was the sign indicating the location is done to evoke a neon sign, which I have never seen in such a location.  but I liked the idea.  Color would help a lot of in this section, making it easier to understand everything depicted, but that's not an option with this series.  Also cut out the shopping cart in front of the counter.  A quick rubbing looks promising.  However, I still didn't do the shopping cart in the lower corner, still thinking about what to put inside it, so that will be the last step, another day.


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