Wednesday, November 13, 2019

A Day in Ocean Grove

I woke up this morning around 7:30, felt a need to visit my bathroom.  Also noticed the apartment seemed a bit chilly.  Forecasts had mentioned an expected temperature drop over night, so I raised the heat before going back to bed.  My alarm went off around 9:00, but everything not under my blankets felt cold, so I gave myself a later alarm.  No hurry for today.  At the next alarm, I decided to go ahead and get the day going.  I could feel that my baseboard heaters were functioning, but it was still chilly. From the news I learned that temperatures had dropped about 30 degrees overnight- well that would do it.

The one thing on the schedule for today was the latest drop-in drawing class, rhythm and art with a 60's theme (chosen by Nichole), but that isn't until 6pm.  I was in the Studio briefly on Monday, but Nichole wasn't around (holiday?) and I didn't go yesterday, what with predictions of heavy precipitation all day. (actually not much rain, and he intense snow flurries ended without accumulations, but I was in for the day, making a big pot of sauce and meatballs)  But last I had heard, last week, we had maybe 4 people committed to the class, so I assumed it was on for tonight. I got up to the building around 3:30.  I had gotten an e-mail from my BAC contact this morning saying she really liked my t-shirt proposal and hoped to show it to the board tonight, but until I get that report, that project is on hold. But I always have things to do in the Studio.  I was looking for water soluble black relief ink for Friday's class, but found none.  Perhaps it is in the pile in the back of my car, but I'll save that search for tomorrow.  Meanwhile I started preparing for some upcoming woodcut projects.  Since the fall class didn't happen, I had plenty of wood in stock, and cut two pieces of wood to the right size for planned future projects.

I'll save details of those projects until I am ready to start them.  Neither one is the t-shirt project- no point in starting a block there until I know it is going to happen. Meanwhile, no Molly again, so I had the music option, and how better to prepare myself for an event built around 60's music than one of my Beatles discs.  On this one I had burned the two 1967 LP's, Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and Magical Mystery Tour.  Both albums include songs that could sum up the concept of 60's music. While still in my space I noticed more than a few young children wandering the basement halls, something the building generally doesn't like, but they weren't bothering me.  By 5:30, I had cleaned up, left my coat there, and climbed the stairs to the1st floor.  Lots of activity up there, mobs of adults and children all working on the Christmas decorations, which I guess are going up now.  Bobby Duncan mentioned there was pizza available, and sure enough over the the big lobby area they had a table set up.  I was offered a slice and took it as a pre-teaching snack, then took the elevator up to the 3rd floor.

Nichole dropped by with materials, and a speaker.  With all the activity related to decorations and holidays, she had not gotten around to preparing a music thing for tonight, hoping that anyone who showed up would be understanding.  At times some dance kids wandered in to buy treats from the Cafe Artiste counter, but no artists showed up.  Looked like Nichole was going to get away with not preparing the music.  She joined us in the room a little later, and seemed a bit shocked that no o ne had come, especially since she had gotten reassurances from several people that they planned to be there tonight.  I was thinking that maybe it was the cold.  Around 7 pm she decided to officially call the class done.  Well, at least I got some of my work done and a free slice of pizza.

Next week is the last scheduled drop-in session, I think a limited palette still life challenge.  At this point Nichole is not taking odds on whether we will have a class or not, but until I hear otherwise I plan to be there.  Besides, by next week the fryer might be up and functioning, so in addition to the chips, candy, and cookies available now, we may have fries and chicken wings.  Maybe that will lure some people up to the 3rd floor.


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