Saturday, November 09, 2019

A New T-Shirt part 3

Went out this morning to take care of some errands. Quite chilly this morning, but I'm sure things will get worse, however I took the trouble to put on a winter coat.

Made a few stops, one of which was the Boatworks.  A class going on in the front gallery, so entry was through the side door.  I had gotten word that today they were holding an event, a Salon type thing for the current Cornucopia of Color show.  I am not in that show, and I covered one of these type events over the summer for the blog, so I wasn't planning to be there.  Had other things to do anyway, plus the cold weather made it feel like a day to stay home. I let them know I wouldn't be back for the Salon, but asked if there was anything else going on.  One of those present was one of our chairs, Dana, who is also my contact for the t-shirt design, and so she was curious as to how that was coming. I told her that I had finished my other woodcut, and was now working on it full time.  Created a first paper design, thought that the second design suffered for the lack of thinner markers and so would be redone, and I would have some images to send her sometime next week. I also gave Diane, our receptionist some bad news- figs might be done for the season.  (she had given us a big bag of homegrown tomatoes this summer, so I decided to give her some ripe figs from our garden when they came in, which she appreciated)  When I saw the fig grove a few days ago, there were still a bunch of figs on the trees, and the leaves hadn't fallen yet, but the figs hadn't been getting plumper, or changing color, and the leaves were starting to curl up.  I think that the cold weather the last few weeks had made the trees decide they are done for the year.

A bit of good news though. I learned that one of my mini-saint prints in their store had sold and they wanted another.  The person who has to sign the check wasn't available, so I'll have to wait until next week to be paid.  Just a small print, so probably not a large amount of money, but every little bit helps.  After I left I realized that I hadn't found out which one was sold. Well I'll just bring all the packaged mini-saints with me the next time I go and if I have another copy of the one that sold and they want that one, good, and if they want a different one, we can do that, too.


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