Monday, November 11, 2019

A New T-Shirt part 4

Had a plan for this morning, but wasn't sure if I'd be able to go through with it. On Saturday I had seen my contact at the BAC for this t-shirt project. so I was thinking I should finish my design proposal and get past this phase of the project.  Drawing on paper, I can do that at home, but photographing the results is easier at the Studio, and it's a good place to work anyway.  The problem was that I didn't know if I could get in. Several years ago they put in a new alarm system, which automatically shuts off early in the morning and turns on again late at night.  However, we were told this wouldn't happen on certain holidays, but I can't find that list, or even the code that allows me to bypass the alarm.  I should get another copy of that.  My simple work around has been just to work during the day.  Today is Veteran's Day, and it's the kind of day our founder (a WWII Navy Veteran) would have seen as a holiday to close the building.  Didn't want to go up there to find the building inaccessible, so after my morning routine I called the office.  Turned out they were open today.

Late morning I drove up there, bringing the necessary materials- a sketchbook, various markers, my previous sketches. My piece today was a better version on the second try from last week, but now with a fine point marker in some areas to allow more detail, especially in regards to texture.

The overall layout is very much like the first one, but in that one I have the BAC logo as solid black letters (as requested), but I noticed the curved shape of the shells has some similarities to the curves of the shells, and decided to bring some of that into the letters, breaking them up just as varying colors do to the letters in the full color versions of this logo. Used that same fine point marker to add more surface lines to the shells (both for value and cross contours), texture to the top of the starfish, and grittiness to the sand here and there.  A level of detail that I can match in woodcut and would translate to a silkscreen for making the t-shirts, if the trustees approve of this.  The next step is to send the images of the past week to my contact and see if they like one as is, want to make a change, or forget the project.

No Molly today, so I had music.  Chose one from my Studio library, a disc of the Gun Club, a band from the 80's.  My disc includes a copy of their first album Fire of Love from 1981, and I filled up the disc with various songs from a live album from a show in 1992, which I bought at a record store in St Louis on a day trip there.   (Some art students had to go to a museum for a class, I took the ride to see art, buy bread and music) A review of that first album called it too "bluesy/punky to ever be a hit" and perhaps it was, but I like that kind of music, so after my friend Doug included some songs on a tape he made, I felt a need to get my own copy, as well as other releases from the band on vinyl and disc.  I think that live album was one of their last releases, as band founder and lead vocalist Jeffrey Lee Pierce died shortly after that.


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