Thursday, November 14, 2019

Getting Ready

Generally I spend a lot of Thursday getting ready for teaching on Friday, and today was no exception.  After I was up and dressed I went to my car to inventory what I had there.  Found my supply of black water soluble relief ink, but there wasn't much- remnants of several tubes.  I also have most of a jar of akua black ink, which claims that it cleans up in soap and water, but it doesn't really, so I took some time today to travel to a store that sells some that does. (with a room full of students, soap and water clean up is valuable)  And since my car inspection had not turned up any of my glass palettes, I stopped by the Studio long enough to grab one on the way home.

Meanwhile, I got an e-mail from my contact at the BAC regarding the t-shirt design. She had loved it, showed it to the trustees. Their conclusions-

1) love the idea of doing another t-shirt.

2) love the idea of me producing a design for this t-shirt.

3) do not like this seashell idea and want something else.

The seashell idea wasn't mine, and I'm not married to it, so I'm open to suggestions.  Ideas that I am told come from them- maybe something based on the work I had in the recent show there (all great prints, but I don't know is any are t-shirt material or have anything to do with art), reprinting the design from 2007 (a good shirt, but is the sailing theme any better than the seashell theme?), or a composition involving art materials and/or tools (but how does one pick and would this end up like the seashells idea?).  I don't have time to deal with this until the weekend.  I replied to my contact with my reactions to their reactions, and said I'd be available to talk about it on the weekend.

I've got classes to prepare for tomorrow, which include a major project and a print project.


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